Wentworth CCTV of New England has modernized the alarm system experience. Our systems are cloud managed, allowing clients to arm and disarm the traditional way (keypads). They can also be armed and disarmed via cell phone app or key fob. Clients can be notified via text or email when systems are armed and disarmed. Our clients also have access to transaction reports and we can add or delete users in seconds.

Custom Services: Wentworth CCTV offers custom services such as notifying customers when businesses have not been unarmed by a set time. This is very popular with Aroma Joe's and Dunkin' Dounut locations. Owners or managers can receive a phone call from our center when the store has not been unarmed and opened by a certain time, allowing the opener to be contacted and stores guaranteed to be open on time!

4G Back up: Our Honeywell systems can either be networked to your modem (hardwired or through Wi-Fi). Additionally, we can install 4G cellular module that will ensure your alarm system will function even without power or internet.

Wentworth CCTV of New England installs door and window contacts, motion PIR sensors and Smoke & CO2 sensors.

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